Marathon Training - Day 1: I got out there.

Hey peeps!

After a tough weekend, my ankle is healed and my wisdom tooth stitches are almost shut, this is officially Marathon Training Day 1!

I got the 8k in! I would’ve been happy with just 5k! But I was so busy thinking about stuff going on in my life (I have to cater my cousin’s bridal shower, band practice, and Dan’s schedule change) that when my app told me I had crossed the 5k line, I thought I might as well spend another 20 minutes to wrap up decisions and so… I got the other 3k in. Weird huh? 

I hope I can pull that off for the +4 hours the day of the Marathon!

KM RUN SO FAR: 8k / 840k

Liquid diet

Hey peeps!

Had my last wisdom tooth removed yesterday and now I’m on a liquid diet for 3 days. NO FUN. I’m not a “cleanse”, “smoothie lunch” or shakeology fan, I very much enjoy the different textures of food.

But so it must be, apparently the extraction wound is very large and the dentist doesn’t want any risk of infection.

This has been the first time in my life that I have opened a calorie counter tool so I can accurately reach a calorie goal, but most of all macro goals

So I guess I’m starting the marathon plan until monday, though the doctor did say that I could give it a try for a long run on saturday…

I’m think I’m having some sugar-free jell-o tonight!

Not a great weekend

Hey peeps!

Between my sprained ankle and cut knee, I didn’t have a great weekend… long-time friends got married and I couldn’t even dance at the wedding! 

I haven’t run since last thursday, the marathon plan starts this friday, I have to get my last wisdom tooth removed on wednesday, I find myself eating out of desperation, EUGH!

I’m soo trying to stay positive!

Hope your weekend was better than mine!

Running is special. We’ve all done it: well, poorly, focused, in fear, being pursued, toward a goal. It’s just elemental. Running is like fire.

Rob Delaney (via runnerknittergeek)

Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity.

Author Unknown

I just bought these

I know I said  I would wear them, but knowing that they are getting packed and shipped in 10 days to my doorstep and I’ll have to put them on eventually … eeek!!

They were $19 usd and it was the only solid color they had so, I’ll make the most of them!